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Saturday 27 April, 6pm

Flightpath Theatre

142 Addison Road, Marrickville

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Pole Prodigy is a showcase where you can perform a show you are workshopping and receive constructive feedback from a panel of iconic pole dancers to help you achieve your goals at future comps.

Pole Prodigy is open to any level of performer who needs stage experience and who is seeking positive feedback from the panel of iconic experts. Any style of performance is allowed, eg Pole, Burlesque, Floorwork, Chair.
There will be 1 pole and you can choose whether it is spinning or static or not use it at all!

Panel Review

Theme & Costume

Presentation, hair and makeup, does the music and props match your theme etc


Musicality, fluidity, body rolls, timing etc

Execution of show in chosen style

Are your toes pointed, straight knees, correct grip and arm placement etc


X factor, originality of theme audience reaction showpersonship

While this is not a competition we will be giving out prizes and sashes to the most outstanding performers on the night 

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